What A Waste Of Resources: 380 Tires End Up In Landfills

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

July 07, 2019

Kamal Ojibara

Senior Writer, Scrap-It!

York County collects 380 old tires at a disposal event using the free disposal tire program. Residents of York County were able to dispose of tires that totaled 5.6 tons.

The Free Tire Disposal Event, which took place in both April and May, was to raise awareness about illegal dumping and educate residents about the proper disposal method of tires.

Although this was a wonderful event, this leads to a very important point about recycling our resources instead of letting it go to waste.

Think about it, when those tires end up in landfills, they most likely will never be used again. There are tons of people who do not have enough resources who would be grateful to use these tires.

Some ways how these tires can serve a new purpose are:

As a spare tire for people in need

A chic pottery plant for garden enthusiasts

Retro swing set for children

They can be grinded into crumb rubber to construct synthetic turf

Some tires can even be retreaded and used again

There are so many negative views of landfills on our environment that many people do not know about. If more people did, many people would do other things with their trash.

Negatives of landfills

Toxic: At landfills there are so many different kinds of materials that inhabit the landfills. After time the toxicity of these materials not only go into the ground but into the atmosphere. Think of a flat screen TV for instance, it is said to have mercury. This can lead to things such as cancer and birth defects.

Leachate- the fluid that comes from landfills can get into water. This can cause contamination not only in drinking water but in swimming water as well .

Instead of landfills we should send our junk and resources to recycling centers. At these centers, many of these resources will not go to waste. Recycling more of our junk will help our environment in the long run.

Most junk removal companies keep items out of landfills by delivering them to recycle centers instead of landfills.

For your next clean up project, reach out to your local junk hauler to help you dispose of your items in an eco-friendly manner. Don't know any? Use the Scrap-It! app to help you find the nearest junk hauler in your area.


York County Solid Waste Authority collects 380 old tires during disposal event

Lindsey O'Laughlin, York Dispatch

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