No More Water Bottles! SFO Airport Bans Plastic Bottles.

by: Kamal Ojibara, Senior Writer, Scrap-It!

According to San Francisco International Airport has placed a ban on disposable water bottles. The reason being; they were trying to be more environmentally friendly. From a consumer viewpoint, one has to wonder, isn't having disposable water bottles effective for the environment. If this is the case then why get rid of them?

There are some advantages of disposable plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are very convenient for carrying on the go while traveling to different places. They can easily be turned into many other products such as fabric and storage containers. Wouldn’t more use of bottles be beneficial to the environment? Why would SFA (San Francisco International Airport) place a ban on disposable water bottles?

However, after dissecting it more thoroughly I have concluded that although plastic bottles can be of great benefit, at the end of the day it is up to us as people to put it to good use. If these plastic bottles were just sitting in a garbage can or just tossed in the street it would not be used for recycling but its purpose would be wasted. It would no longer be used to make products but it would instead be used to harm the environment.

Nothing can be put to good use if we do not take action. Whether it be disposable waters or anything that can assist with helping the environment. It is up to us to take the initiative so that the world can become a more environmentally friendly place.


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