7 Tips for a Successful Junk Removal Business

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

by: Kamal Ojibara, Senior Writer, Scrap-It!

Thinking of investing in your own personal Junk Removal business? Why not invest in your own business which is an asset; to get more money later?

With these simple attributes, junk removal businesses can take the next step.

Treating Your Junk Removal Business as an Asset Opposed to a Job- Rather, think of it as a venture. This move-in mentality serves to immensely shape the direction of your junk removal business in a positive fashion. As your junk removal business keeps on growing, you should execute changes and modify procedures to locate the best answers for issues. The attitude that numerous junk professionals have about their assignment is, "What's in it for me ?" However, as the leader of your own business, you need a different perspective. A move in your perspective can have a bigger effect than you expect, which is the reason it's our first tip for developing your junk removal business.

Think in the Long Run, not the Short Run- decisions that implicate your business have to be done in the long term. There might be some things that are lucrative in the short run but in the long run, will end up hurting the business. Wealth is how many generations you can affect, not how much money you have at the moment. This applies to the business world as well. Why take $2,000 now when you can get $10,000 later? How many generations is that?

Working With Unhappy Customers- with every happy customer there will also be unhappy customers. The key here is to do everything to resolve the issue in the quickest and smoothest way possible.

Chasing Long Term Success instead of Short Term Success

No matter what the business is or the profession, mistakes will occur that affect customers- In these cases, it’s important to communicate with customers. By communicating thoroughly, the situation can be resolved smoothly and effectively. This way there will be a positive review of your business’ customer service.

Step Backs are not Necessarily a Bad Thing. A minor setback sets up a major comeback. Learn from your setbacks and use these lessons to make your business better. Do not be discouraged.

Steps in Your Business is a Good Thing. Thinking long-term is great but short term success also leads to great success. Think about your business, there were major steps that happened before you were in business. The same thing applies to your business now, so do not disregard short term success. Taking small/big steps will help your business gradually grow.

Using Your Mind and Not Your Behind.

Going back to what previously was discussed about being smart in certain situations can affect your business greatly. If a customer is engaging with you aggressively, treating them with respect in this situation is the correct way. Perhaps the customer will become happier and that customers will be more likely to recommend your business to others.


Sometimes we get so obsessed with having to do everything ourselves. This, as a result, blinds us from what’s really important. Many junk removal companies spend so much time managing their marketing efforts, they forget to optimize their core business which is running a junk company. Sometimes we have to learn to let go of the reins and delegate the work. Scrap-It! provides a very powerful solution that helps haulers focus on what’s really important, the customer and the business. Scrap-It! takes away the headache of running marketing campaigns and funnels ready and willing customers straight to you without you having to pay anything upfront unlike some of these other lead generation companies. Scrap-It! also provides haulers with locations of nearby drop off centers that you could drop off for free or scrap yards that will pay customers for some of their recyclables

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